Decentralize The Governance of Thanks

The decentralization is already applied to liquidity pool but will also be effective in governance system.

Thanks Team

12/2/2021 1 min read

My vision is more and more decentralization.

Probably when we will reach 1000 holders, we will enter a next step to decentralization, by opening a boardroom for major Liquidity Providers. The boardroom members will take all the decisions to realize the roadmap of Thanks ecosystem. The technical team will only execute decisions of the boardroom without taking part in the process of vote. Here are some possible main lines :

1. Holders of THANKS LP tokens will lock their assets for at least one year.

2. The more tokens you lock, the more vote power you have in the boardroom.

This will enchance the governance of Thanks, attract more liquidity to the pool, drive the value of Thanks to higher stable levels, and increase the number of users, to finally lead us to global adoption.

DEV, 02/12/2021