B2B partnership : THANKS x GIVER

Thanks will be the reward token of Giver

Thanks Team

1/7/2022 1 min read

Thanks was asked to work with Giver, a new system of reflection tokens that rewards holders with 7% redistribution. As the entire development of Giver’s future projects will be done by Thanks Team, it was decided that the first released project of this partnership will be a « Thanks Giver » : each time people buy or sell $THANKSGIVER, there will be 7% of transactions used to buyback $THANKS automatically on Pancakeswap to be split among $THANKSGIVER holders.

Giver is one of the numerous partnerships mentionned in the Thanks' roadmap. It will multiply the number of Thanks' small holders, and will contribute to reach the mass adoption. This special partnership with Giver is a big step in Thanks’ roadmap achievement, because after the release of $THANKSGIVER, there will be many other projects of Giver to be executed by Thanks Team (Dogegiver, Ethergiver, Bitcoingiver, etc.) and the fee development of all these future projects will be paid in $THANKS bought on Pancakeswap – as always.