Thanks Officially Passed BSC Verification

Thanks is now officially recognized by BSC Team as a legit and safe token in the BSC network

Thanks Team

12/25/2021 1 min read

After a long verification process by BSC team, Thankstoken is now officially listed as a legit token in the BSC network. Check here :

What are the visual differences between this official listing and the previous automatic listing? The following informations appears in the BSC explorer when the token is checked by BSC team and declared legit :

  • the whitepaper of the project,

  • the current price,

  • the official logo,

  • the official website,

  • the social profiles.

What are the requirements to be officially listed by BSC network? Unlike automatic listing which is available for every token created on BSC, the BSC team double check each token before the official listing :

  • the team must be doxxed,

  • there is no way to rug-pull,

  • the full code of the token must be clean,

  • the token is not a honeypot scam,

  • the details of the smart contract must be safe,

  • there is no malicious code hidden,

  • the liquidity locking is certified by an official locker,

  • there is sufficient volume of holders and transactions.

What are the benefits for users to deal with officially listed tokens? Users are protected from rug-pull projects, from scam tokens, and from phishing. In the dangerous crypto area, you must DYOR to find safe projects : safety is the first rule before diversification, you have to diversify your portfolio but only with safe tokens like THANKS.