Grow Your Audience With Thanks

Use $THANKS to grow your audience on social media

Thanks Team

12/15/2021 1 min read

As planned in the Roadmap, Thanks will partnership with other businesses, and will use $THANKS tokens to interact with.

This next step opens a new era where Thanks is not limited to B2C anymore, but will be more and more involved in a wider B2B network. Starting with marketing services, Thanks will feature other interesting projects, exposing them to the community.

The token $THANKS finds here a new usecase : when Thanks offers a service to other companies, the paiement will be done using $THANKS tokens ; and in case the partner will not be able to pay with $THANKS, the stablecoins received as alternative paiement will be used to buyback $THANKS in the market.

That said, we are happy to announce that Thanks is now opened to all kinds of partnerships with other companies.