The inner-value of $THANKS

The fundamental analysis of Thanks reveals a hidden-gem with strong intrinsic value : discover them!

12/1/2021 2 min read

Dear community, when we started this project in november 2021, a member of the executive team asked me that question :

« What is the real value of each thanks ? »

I told him to wait few days before I deliver an answer, just to give time for Thanks to attract its first holders, and see the possible evolution of the native idea. Here we are, Thanks has known up and downs, faced its first resistances with success, and got interesting feed-backs from the community. So let me tell you more about the real value of Thanks :

Thanks acquires inner-value with team work

Before all, the real value of Thanks, is an inner-value acquired when people use it. I have bought and continue to buy Thanks at different times, and I reward the great work of the team with my own Thanks bag. It means that there are people out there, who work hard, and get paid with Thanks : the inner value of Thanks comes first from this hard work.

Thanks acquires inner-value with community trust

Trust is what keep the community hold Thanks in the long-run, this is the same trust that people has toward national fiat currencies, this is the same trust that people expressed to Bitcoin, and now Thanks is trusted by many holders who never react to market up and downs.

Thanks acquires inner-value with utility

Each time you thank someone by sending $Thanks tokens, you are expressing a priceless gratitude through $Thanks, and write it to last forever on the Blockchain. If today you find it normal to send 1 $Thanks for every « thank you », tomorrow it won’t be 1 whole $Thanks anymore, but maybe 0.01 $Thanks which means that Thanks tokens acquired more value meanwhile.

Thanks acquires inner-value with independant liquidity providers

There are people who accepted to increase the liquidity of $Thanks, then put their own money to the THANKS-BUSD pool on decentralized exchanges, without any additional reward than the original transaction fee shares. This noble act helps Thanks grow safely while decentralizing its liquidity then reducing price impact of individual trades.

Thanks acquires inner-value with governance

This is not for the next few days yet, but the team plans to open a boardroom where the governance of $Thanks will be decentralized, using tokenized vote power. The more $Thanks they lock in the LP pool, the more vote power they get. What does it mean ? People who wants to have important influence within the Thanks ecosystem will need to buy $Thanks and lock them for at least one year into Pancakeswap LP.

Thanks acquires inner-value with partnerships

Thanks is planning to partnership with other projects that will buyback $Thanks for their use. There are big differences between individual traders and institutionnal holders. But the details of this plan cannot be revealed before it is executed : we don’t want to create irrational FOMO amongst current holders.

Thanks acquires inner-value with its scarcity

There are only 10000 $Thanks available on Earth now and forever.

DEV, 01-12-2021