Thanks offers 2022 dollars worth in $THANKS to the best review author

Thanks Team

12/18/2021 1 min read

To celebrate 2022 new year, we offer $2022 worth in $THANKS to the best review author. Here are the rules :

  1. This contest takes place in Twitter and will last one month from 18/12/2021 to 19/01/2022.

  2. The tasks are :

  3. The prize is $2022 worth in $THANKS. The number of THANKS offered to the winner will be calculated on Pancakeswap buy function before the end of application.

  4. You can participate many times with the same TW/TG/FB account but using different BSC addresses. Any attempt to re-use the same BSC address in several applications will disqualify you (if you are the winner but you used the same BSC address many times on the form below, we will replace you by another applicant).

  5. After completing all the required tasks, please go back here on this page, and fill the form below (if you participated but didn't use this form, your application will be ignored).

  6. The contest organizer will pick the best positive review, check if the author respected all the rules, and finally will announce the results no later than 20/01/2022 (if the winner didn't respect all requirements, the organizer will pick another one).

  7. By participating, you confirm that you agree to all of these 7 rules.